Scrapy Tutorial #3: How To Install Scrapy On Linux

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In this Scrapy tutorial, I will talk about basic points of Python such as Python version, Python package and show you how to install Scrapy on your Linux machine. You can use this Scrapy install guide to help you install Scrapy on Ubuntu, CentOS, or other linux distributions.


Scrapy Tutorial #1: Scrapy VS Beautiful Soup

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This is the #1 post of my Scrapy Tutorial Series, in this Scrapy tutorial, I will talk about the features of Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, compare them, and help you decide which one is better for your projects?

upwork helper Part 3 job analyzer

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As I said before, the third part is a application which analyze the job data and return back some useful data based on statistical analysis.

The package used in this program:

nltk (Amazing library to play with natural language, in this application, I use it to analyze the job info such as job keywords) pandas (Make me easy to use data structures and data analysis tools, in this article, I ...