Manully build and install pyv8 in virtualenv

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Here is the tutorials about how to build and install pyv8 in virtualenv on Ubuntu

cd ~
mkdir pyv8_install
cd ~/pyv8_install

#checkout the source code
svn checkout v8
svn checkout pyv8
git clone thug

#patch the pyv8
$ cp thug/patches/PyV8-patch1.diff .
$ patch -p0 < PyV8-patch1.diff
patching file pyv8/src/Context.cpp

export V8_HOME=/home/(YOUR_USER_NAME)/pyv8_install/v8

#open the debug mode to see the detail
export DEBUG=1 # Unix

#if the OS have no Boost Lib, make sure apt-get install first
sudo apt-get install -y libboost-thread-dev libboost-all-dev

cd pyv8
python build

#if you need to install on system python env, need to run as sudo
python install

Build and Install thug

How to build pyv8

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