No Active Project In Scrapy

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When I try to run scrapy spider in my terminal, it give me some error message like this

Scrapy 0.24.4 - no active project

Unknown command: crawl

Use "scrapy" to see available commands

It seems there is no good post about how to fix this problem, so this post will tell you how to fix it.

First, please check if there is scrapy.cfg in the root directory


Second, check the content of the scrapy.cfg. It should look like this.

default = scrapyproduct.settings

Scrapy framework will first look for scrapy.cfg, and then use the value of the default in the settings section to look for spiders (scrapyproduct in this example). So if the scrapy.cfg is missing or there is no scrapyproduct in this project_dir, it will give us no active project error message.

Ref: Scrapy Tutorial

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