Wagtail Tutorial Series

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What you will get from my Wagtail Tutorial:

  1. 10+ great articles which teach you how to build a standard blog using Wagtail CMS from scratch

  2. An open source project (wagtail-bootstrap-blog) on Github hosting all source code of the tutorial. You can checkout the different branches to get started as you like.

  3. A live Wagtail Demo (Wagtail Blog Demo) for you to quickly review and test the function.

Wagtail Ebook

For people who like to read ebook instead of blog posts, I have rewritten the book and published it on leanpub´╝îwhere you can get pdf, epub, mobi version of this Wagtail tutorial.

I spend much time on this Wagtail Tutorial (10+ articles and an open source project) to help people learn Wagtail, try to make this world better.

For the better experience, I removed the annoying ads from all tutorial pages, so I can not get money from my blog.

You can support my work for Wagtail by buying my book on Wagtail, I wish I can help more people. Support My Work

Table of Contents:

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