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Wagtail Book: "Build Blog With Wagtail CMS" is now available

About 4 months ago, I started to write Wagtail Tutorial Series on my blog. Clearly there are many people who want to learn how to use this awesome framework to build something, so I decided to publish a book one week ago.

Today, I am happy to announce "Build Blog With Wagtail CMS".

This book is designed to teach you to build a standard blog from scratch, in each chapter, you will see how I add useful feature to blog step by step.

Who Is This Book For

This book is for anyone interested in building blog/CMS using Python.

Basic Python knowledge is required, it would be better if you are familiar with Django.

What If You Purchased This Book

  1. You will get PDF, EPUB, MOBI version of this book.

  2. I will continue to add more exclusive content in this book, you can always get updated version at any time.

  3. If you have any question when reading the book, I will be available to contact.

  4. Code files are also available on Github for you to learn.

Buy Now - $9.9

Table Of Content

  • Preface

  • Chapter 1 Create Wagtail Project

  • Chapter 2 Create Data Model

  • Chapter 3 Category And Tag Support

  • Chapter 4 Routable Blog Page

  • Chapter 5 Customize Blog Post URL

  • Chapter 6 Import Theme Into Wagtail Blog

  • Chapter 7 Add Search Function In Wagtail Blog

  • Chapter 8 Add Markdown Support In Wagtail Blog

  • Chapter 9 Add LaTeX Support & Code Highlight In Wagtail

  • Chapter 10 Add Comment Support In Wagtail Blog

Buy Now - $9.9